Japanese I-400 Class Submarine Aircraft Carrier

Japanese I-400 Class Submarine Aircraft Carrier
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The Imperial Japanese Navy's Sen Toku (secret submarine attack) I-400 class submarines were the largest submarines of World War II. These innovative vessels were submarine aircraft carriers that were capable of carrying three Aichi M6A Serian aircraft. They were designed to surface, launch the planes, and then dive again before they could be discovered.

The I-400 class submarines were designed to take the war to the United States mainland using submarine-launched aircraft to attack cities on both the eastern and western coasts of the United States. As the war progressed, the Japanese shifted their plans to focus on using the I-400 class submarines to attach the Panama Canal, hoping to destroy locks of the canal and cut U.S. supply lines to the Pacific. Training for this mission was completed in June of 1945, and the operation was ready to proceed, but by that point it was decided that attacking the Panama Canal would have little impact on the war's outcome and the submarines were redirected to prepare an attack on the U.S. carriers at Ulithi Atoll. The war ended before that attack could be carried out, and the U.S. Navy boarded and recovered the three I-400 class submarines. After studying these submarines, they were destroyed to prevent the Soviets from inspecting these innovative submarine aircraft carriers.

This highly detailed 1:700 scale version of the Japanese I-400 Class Submarine Aircraft Carrier is part of the Sea Power series from Easy Model, and is approximately seven inches long and arrives ready to display. It features a finely molded body with textured surfaces, airplane hangers and forward catapult, deck guns, authentic markings, and a display stand.

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